Even more things that I do

Most of my writing moved from my old website is on the Gigs + Art Reviews page.

Trying one hundred mediums

Just trying new things on a regular basis. Never doing any long enought to get 'good' at any of them. My partner asked why I was only drawing eight frames for the below animation. It was because I could complete an eight frame animation. I do not know if I would have finished anything else more complex. I have quite a few too complex Twine games that have not been completed because they need an order of magnitude more work.

Wooper pokemon wiggling it's body

Making my own fonts

Hindered by my inability to find a font from handwriting software that is not subscription based (I hate this model with a passion. Just let me pay once and be done) so it is not as complete as I want. HandMax is based on my handwiting and used for my zines

Other writing

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