Things that I do

About Me

Hi, I'm Aimee. I'm an artist who like to play with a load of forms: lino printing, scrapbooks, zines, stuffed toys, jewelry, dance... I'm from Norfolk, England and my day job is in IT support.

Voidnotes is my personal site. At times it has been a blog and review site and was once intended to grow into a magazine.

Handmade website

Yeah, I made this. With the help of various tutorials. I had a wordpress website 2017 - 2022 and I was bored of it. I'm seeing many cool people with web 1.0 style sites that they do themselves. Everything put on the page was put there on purpose. It's also forcing me to learn HTML. More info.

I once saw a tweet that said the internet is now three websites and a million resumes. That hit me. I know there is more out there, I just have to seek it out and make it myself. The other thing I read that hit me was the half life of a hyperlink is two years. That forces me to migrtate every page I had on my old site. The reviews of local bands especially as info on them is rare.


You can DM me on Twitter. Picture of me in the pixelated style of the gameboy camera