My Art

I make zines!

Lists and links to my Zines to help me remember what I have done. I am currently proudest of the one linked below as it was made in the depression funk of lockdown one. Also available on my itch.io

Lino printing

I've been printing for a year an a half and I adore it.

Book binding

New hobby to 2023. I've made a couple of note books. The edges look real rough as I cut them with a craft knife rather than a nice guillotine

GameBoy Camera Photography

Also new hobby. Check out my gallery or read more about the camera.

Building with a modern tower infront of a white sky


Scrapbooking is my favourite form of expression and memory.

gif showing the steps of assembaling a scrapbook page

Most of my writing moved from my old website is on the Gigs + Art Reviews page.