GameBoy Camera Photography

I watched some videos on YouTube and now I have a GameBoy Camera. I first saw Matt Grey's experiments and thought it looked cool. Carta Monir has also made zines out of her low rez photography and GameBoy Printer. I got mine for £26 off ebay. It came with a cable I won't use and combined with my partner's rom to usb reader I can get the photos off with ease.

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Low angle photo of old building


Chart showing the same location on high and low brightness and light and dark.

A complaint

While researching the GameBoy Camera I came accross a web page that was not written by a human. That was the first time I noticed an article that was more effort than a copy-paste job but clearly not actualy written by a person. It was a disapointment. A harbinger of an even more useless phase of the internet.