Let’s not get depressed!

First posted March 25, 2020


It is vital that I do not get depressed. I may be stuck inside for four months and I need to be well. I don’t want to give my loved ones another worry. I must take care of my body and mind.

New Daily Rules

Day 2 of Isolation means Day 1 of Yoga with Adrienne.

Don’t rush… you have 30 days - Adrienne

She said that 5 years ago and it’s very true now. I may have 120 days.

I’m easing myself into the new routine. Day 1 one was having breakfast and doing my make up in the morning. Day 2 yoga and writing.

I managed 10 days before I developed a verruca infection and couldn’t put weight on my foot. Have yet to get back into the routine.

Week 5

Make up wasn’t helping. But I finally got my hair dye out so I feel a bit more like me.

I need to work out what is right for this new way of living, just like everyone else. Maybe no laptop in bed is a good rule. It’s a good rule in normal life.

Week 166

Time blurred and I tracked nothing. I was sad but stable. I did not get miserable. I moved back in with my parents after I had to go back to work and couldn't bring disease back to my Grandma. It's funny how much I can't remember any of this. I played a lot of Zelda and Animal Crossing.