Did I do what I wanted to do in 2018?

Originally posted on January 29, 2020

So I have a 2017 wrap up blog post with aims for 2018. Some aims were vague and some were not blog-related. Did I do them? Eeehhhh…


Generally I did leave the house more and get happier. These are my aims every year and very important. I probably spent less time outside this summer as I stopped playing Pokemon Go when the dog died and I got a Mon-Fri day job in May. So I probably didn’t make the most of any good weather as I was working two jobs during the summer and too burnt out to enjoy the weekend.

I wanted to visit a far away friend or two and managed to visit my friend studying in Edinburgh so we can call that a win. Another friend started studying in Reading and I have yet to make it down. I also aimed to keep in better contact with my friends. I’m not where I want to be but I am a bit better. At least, I was until I started spending all my time with the orange boyfriend.

Mixed results on the keep this writing up aim. I have finished writing up and published 33 posts. That’s just a bit better than fortnightly. Though the distribution is patchy. I did not finish an article on art but I did increase the number of half written posts about artists and movements. I also did not do that secret art project. Or did I? I didn’t. Didn’t record a podcast with my friend either. We’ve only been planning on doing that for years.

I did go ghost hunting! I went with a friend and her cousin to do a ouija board near a churchyard. They had a scary experience in the church itself where my friend says she was scratched by something. Nothing happened to us but my book of local ghost stories say the area is haunted by a woman in white.


I already put my aims in my 2018 ‘oops I stopped writing lets make new plans’ post here. It’s basically the same.