An ongoing rum adventure

two staff members in floral shirts looking at the wall of rum

The cast: Sky / Staff / Myself

A half sequel to my Czech drinks post. Same team. Different rum.

11 October – HCM gig

two cocktail on the bar

Started off on cocktails we don’t remember the names of. They were nice. Round two cocktails also nice. Round three involved a not great / bad coconut cocktail and:

Dead Mans FingersToo strong at first, needs to lots of coke to be very drinkable. Strong.

Lemonade the crocodileA good dog. So cute.

25 October

two bottles of rum, old j and burning barn

Back on Dead Mans Fingers because I know I like it. Cans of Red Stripe are the only beer they sell. Nice and light.

Old J spiced – Has an over-proof variant we need to try, so nice, aftertaste reminds me of B&Js birthday cake ice cream.

Burning BarnWay too smoky.

Havana 7Very drinkable, sweet, like medicine.

Lychee juiceRubicon always a solid. Fruit juice? Really?

Mango juiceTaste so much smoother than the morrisons own i have at home.

15 March

bottle and glass

It’s been forever and I’m alone. Old J Spiced is still good when sober. It’s the sweetest spiced rum [they] sell. Lemonade the Crocodile is also still good. The best. Such a sweety.

Barti Duu – Another spiced rum discribed as having a marmalade taste but it’s not oranges it’s seaweed? It’s made in Wales? I liked it well enough.

Also found out this trip that they only do their house rums as singles. If you want something of the shelves you have to have a double. So thats… a thing.

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