What to pack on a camping canoeing holiday in Central Europe

Last year I had no idea what I’m doing. This year I do and am more anxious.

This isn’t an article. Its a to-do list I’m publishing online because whatever. Maybe someone else is going on:

A camping canoeing holiday down the Otava river in the Czech Republic.

Or as I’m thinking of blogging it: somthing to write home about.

The Essentials – A Handbag

My shoulder bag is my best friend. One carry on and a ting handbag.


I need stuff. I didn’t read the book I brought last year so I’ll do that better. We also didn’t use the pack of cards.

Camping/Canoe stuff

Most of the gear is going to be driven between the campsites and thank goodness we don’t have to carry the tents and gear in the canoes themselves. Or take them on the plane.

Electrical stuff

Yes I’m going on a camping holiday in a beautiful country. Look up! Experience real life. Last year we saw an eagle!

No. I need time to myself. I exhaust and then my brain get weird. Last year was fine but I was careful. Bed around ten. Bit of browsing the internet in a tent. Podcasts to fall asleep to.

Health stuff


Last year was hot. This year has been hot so far. But it will rain? July 2018: was a Europe-wide drought. Having skin that burns rather than tan means covering up even in the heat is vital. I love swimming I’ll also need stuff for that. For the cold I’ll layer up again. I’m not so concerned about bringing enough clothes to have clean ones. A week on the river and everything smells of woodsmoke and goulash.

Hide from the Heat

River Clothing

Cosy to Sleep & Travel

If it’s cold & wet

So yeah. That’s a lot of stuff to fit in my carry on. There may be an addendum when I try to fit all this in.