The Velveteers @ Odd Box @ Bermuda Bob’s

Posted on October 27, 2018
velveteers odd box poster by joel benjamin

Back again after such a nice time two weeks ago. This time I won’t be blathering on about the venue or alcohol. I’ve already made a start elsewhere.

Hugo Z

I’ve seen them twice before. Liked them at Bedford’s Crypt in June but didn’t at NAC 5 weeks later. But speaking to the organiser, she really enjoyed them there. Hence another gig.

I thought I liked them again. Some guitar riffs had caught in my brain so I kinda recognised bits of songs. A good sign. It’s chilled out indie rock. The above gif is from when they played a more energetic track and bounced lower and lower. The crowd followed. I appreciate the energy. Don’t often get as many men’s bands who know how to move. Dancing is infectious. A good infection. Yeah.

Fever Machine

Could not get a photo with everyone in shot. This bastard ode to David Hockney will do. No. It won’t. He used loads of photos to convey time and movement. This is just a boxy panorama. Do like how the cables turned out.

We’d seen them March for another Odd Box night back when this was The Owl and I’d seen them again in August. I forgot this and then got very disorientated because a song reminded me of dancing to it in Bedford’s Crypt but I knew the gig I remembered was here. Basically I’m a dumbe bitch. That was before they’d added a keyboardist.

Love the keyboard stuff. Fits right in with their retro vibes they dressed to match. They know what they are doing. Vocals are playful with a bit of an edge. Not all soft and sweet there’s just a bit more there.

This was also their EP launch show. Nice to have access to my favourite song of theirs: Fool Me Twice. If I can describe a track as syrupy then it’s likely my pick.

The Velveteers

They are so cool. Three masses of curly hair bouncing around on stage. They are from Colorado, USA so understandable I ain’t seen them round ‘ere. Formed in 2015 by siblings Demi and John Demitro who then added childhood friend Adrian Pottersmith in 2018.

Their sound… I am ready to believe them when they say they did some writing in a graveyard. It’s not goth but they are culturally goth? Tour photos looking at home in old church yards. Some flourishes on the EP like the insistent high piano notes on Anastasia Sings, weird noises at the start of the first and fifth tracks, and demands you die for the singer are suitably spooky.

It’s grungy rock. Moody. Satisfyingly heavy guitar over an undeniable percussion. But some subtlety is available. Atlantic City starts slow and haunting and hypnotic leading into a wordless sexy oppressive wall of noise.

I’m still not over them having two drummers. They were so in sync. I was fascinated, especially when they both played on the same bits of kit at once. Calm in the face of drunken shouts of “Zappa!” they play so neatly as one. Looking at my photos frame by frame to make better loops I catch myself trying to see if my camera caught an error. They moved faster than it can handle, though most things do.

The light tip tapping on their Anastasia Sings seems bigger for having two set of sticks forcing you to focus on both the taps and the catchy guitar hook. Despite the presence of Demi I just watch them tap on the edges of their drums while watching her. All three a tight group. Well practiced. Who’s keeping time? The drummers are watching the guitarist/vocalist so maybe she is? I should have asked.

As of writing, there’s not a video I can find online of their set up other than this facebook live video shared by the promoter that’s marred by conversations in the background. Not sure what to feel about that sort of thing.

Should a band be engaging enough that people don’t talk? Should people who arn’t feeling it talk downstairs? Is it rude to the band and the audience? yeah. I’m trying to listen. Is it ruder than the gigs I go to then go on my phone? Is less rude when my brain is melting and i have to do number puzzles to stay calm? I think so. Not certain about anything.

Shame they were out of patches, it’s the penultimate night of the tour. The big tits skeleton would have added so much to my jacket. Got a button just to throw some money their way. No idea how much touring costs but they’re abroad trying to live on our monopoly money... so this probably helps.

Then what?

We stayed by the bar and danced to cheesy music until kicking out time at midnight. They put on We like to party, YMCA, I want it that way, and Hey Ya. That kind of good-rubbish. Found out why the decor/prices remind me of Gonzo’s: same team own them. That explains the polish and investment.

Hope there’s something worth seeing there soon. We’ve got to make our way through the bar.

Also hope they install hooks on the doors of the toilet stalls. A well lit bathroom just means I can see why I don’t want my bag on the floor.