I love personal websites and art

It takes me back to my childhood of going on websites plural. Not sinking three hours into a social network site. This list is partly for me to keep track of them. To avoid link rot I have included sreenshots and internet archive back up links. The higher on each list: the more recently I have added them.

And this is a personal site. All the coolest sites have a page of cool links. It might be the only way to really find human made writing. I love people's about pages. I love neocities pages where they have a list of items in their plush collection or whatever they love. I should make a shrine page or something. Anyway: my cool links page.

Interesting Web Design // Zine Collections // Web Comics // 18+ Web Comics // Twitter Comics (incl. 18+ entries) // Tweets // Artists // Writen works // Other // Sites to explore

Interesting web design

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Zine archives / collections

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Great Comics

I love (web)comics. This is separate from the main art section because there (will) be so many of them. There is also an 'adult' section later down the page.

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Adult Comics

When I was making the comics list I realised there were a lot of these.

Great comics on Twitter

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The thing with everyone being on social media means some of this stuff is only on social media. There are good comics on Twitter. Here are some I remember/bookmarked.

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Multidiciplinary artists

Inspiration for myself as that is what I want to be.

  • Maxwell Lander
  • Alec Robbins
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    Writen works

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    Other works

    Cool sites to visit/explore