Designing my Porygon PCPorygon sprite red

PC stands for Porygon Computer

I am getting my first proper PC! I've been using my partner's old laptop for a few years now and if I try to play sims 3 and watch a video at the same time it stutters. I am not going to tell you the specs because I didn't pick them and I do not care. What I care about is the colour!

I picked Porygon because I saw the announcement for a Porygon figure coming out soon and it made perfect sense. Computer pokemon. Computer. And I do not want a black and RGB PC. If I am spending £550 on something I am going to spend another £54 on painting it. I do not want to spend much more than that on materials. I have enough craft supplies I should be able to decorate.

Three Porygon Pokemon cards. The images are small.

Shame there are no full art Pokemon cards for Porygon (that look good). The other option would be a floral theme as I have a LOT of floral hair clips. Perhaps I will just put them on there anyway.

Porygon sprite Crystal

Possible Ideas

Porygon sprite Silver

OK, what can I make?

I still have the WFH keyboard and mouse from work so I have no need to replace them. The fans that came with the case have rainbow lighting that is not programable so I can't set it to match. Again, no need to replace something that already functions.

Dubious Disc DVD Drive

USB DVD drive with purple line on it.

Honestly so pleased with this idea. Dubious Disc is used to evolve Porygon2 to Porygon-Z. Couple of strips of tape & a sticker from my craft box and it's done. If the glue does not hold I may redo it with nail varnish or something.

Dubious disc sprite. A translucent pink box with a purple line on it.

Spray painting the case

Parts of the PC case hanging up to dry on a rope hung accross a room above a drop cloth.

Primed and drying. Spray painting outside in the dark on a windy day has some challenges. I am glad I bought sandpaper as there were a more than couple of drips.

The painting process took a couple of weeks. Partly waiting for things to dry or the weather to calm down but also due to Halfords loosing my order. That took five phone calls.

Pink frame with nothing in it

I also didn't paint this mesh that attaches over the top vent and didn't like how it looked so had to paint it blue as that was the colour I had left.


Three fans, one with a logo in the center, one clean, one with a flower sticker

The case fans all had logo stickers on in the centre which looked mucky when spinning. These pink flower stickers I had make a nicer blur.

Black mouse with yellow tape over the buttons. Pink and blue nail varnish is swatched on a bit of card.

I was not sure how well a mouse would take being painted (or if daily use would make it look awful) so I just added a highlight in nail varnish by the scroll wheel. You can also see the colour tests on the card next to it.

Close up of keyboard with streaky blue paint around the lights. Inset image is wax over the lights. The wax is painted blue.

I covered the lights on my keyboard with a bit of wax dripped from a candle as that took up less space than tape.

Two pink keys. One more vibrant with faint brushmarks is the varnish.

This keyboard is not anything fancy but it looks interesting now. Perhaps I'll find a use for the card reader built in. I forgot tp paint the other windows key so I did the other with nail varnish. That looks nicer than the enamel.

Keyboard on bed. The body is blue and the keys black, except the pink enter and windows keys

Now I am painting keys occasionally and adding them to the keyboard whenever they dry. The holographic glitter flakes on the funtion keys have a texture now but I only use F5 and 12 so texture is not much of a concern.

Porygon Model

As of March '23 the figure has not been released. I cannot put it in if I do not own it. :(

pixelated bw image of a porygon card

Digital Decor

I set the highlight colour to pink and the background to blue. Not much worth doing beyond that. If the computer is on I will have a program open so I am not putting too much time into a rainmeter interface I'd never use.

Porygon sprite Fire Red

The final build

*until the figure is released

Pink case with a glass side. The mesh and back panel are blue. It has 6 rainbow light up fans and has bulbasaur,dratini,and dragonair figures and 3 porygon tcg cards inside. There is a 6 inch stuffed wooper sitting on top.

Was it worth it?

Yeah! I learned a lot about paints and patience. I am happy with how it looks. I think a plain black computer tower would have felt like a missed opertunity. I wish I would have bought a white case first as that may have taken the paint better. I enjoy turning it on.

Back of the PC case that shows the fairly neat cable management.

I put it together with my partner. As much as I wanted to learn I did not want to mess up the thermal paste and screwing on the CPU fan. No shame about that. It would have been an expensive lesson if done wrong.

Close up of inside of case the the pokemon merch