The Bad Apples, Kill the Crow, Blisster, Sharks Can’t Hold Hands @ Rad Times @ Gringos

Posted on July 15, 2018
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So I here at Gringos for maybe the third time. It’s so bright outside at eight, feels off. This is a Rad Times gig. I’ve seen the posters but never been.

Sharks can’t hold hands

Hi my name is Matt. I mostly write angry songs under the name Sharks Can’t Hold Hands. That’s about right.

A man playing guitar and yelling about his personal experiences.

I find demons, a song about his experiences with anxiety cliche. Which feels like a dickish thing to say about his expression of self but similar feelings have been expressed in much the same way. Maybe the metaphors of demons under the bed are used often as they resonate “I have to tell them to fuck off.” Ok, mood

sharks cant hold hands is a blue haired man with an acoustic guitar yelling

I don’t dislike him but I’m not massively enthused. He’s grown on me over the eight tracks and rancid cover. His most endearing was the Britney they used to mic check.


Saw them two years ago and want a repeat - they were supposed to support the vicars of stiffkey in January but…didn’. I could go see them in Great Yaremouth but I don’t fancy the public transport back home. They are a three piece now and the lack of backing vocals threw me.

They were great. The drummer played so intensely he looked like he was about to die. Both aggressive and chill.

Unironically, I love the cowbell. Really want to see them a third time. I’ve heard good things about the Psychomongos night they do in the Lacon Arms, Yaremouth. Maybe it is time for a road trip.

Kill the crow

Two big speakers are rolled into the stage. This is going to be loud. Hearing protection is cool, kids. You said you wanted riffs…” says the guitarist to the promoter.

There are riffs. And frank statements about mental health.

This song is about how much you all love your phones. This is called the cult…Everyone walks round in a great cyber coven of zombies.

I want to roll my eyes but I was on my phone while he said that. A new track. They say they messed it up but I couldn’t tell. The guitars are distorted and the drums relentless.

Alright this song is about how much I fucking hate myself. This is called “save me”

I wouldn’t go to Cambridge to see them. Especially as they discribed the scene as “shit” but if they play Norwich again, I’ll be there.

The Bad Apples

They did exactly what they did last time I saw them. Two brothers made a lot of noise. The guitarist lept about in the crowd and the drummer just got faster. They put some bad jokes in while they tuned. I like the stop-start on best, maybe. Not the best singing but the tone carries.

I bought a dog from a blacksmith today. When I brought him home, he made a blot for the door.

They end on Death of Rock and Roll with Matt doing the yelling. A great ending as the audience oblige the request to “get weird!”

So yeah?

Great atmosphere, small turn out. I felt like I was intruding on a house party. I think that’s the nature of the small scene. I’d see them all again and make the effort for most of them.

Everyone gets some easy claps for insulting Donald Trump on the first day of his visit. Uncontroversial.

I was… a rad time.