30% of the Reindeer band showcase

Posted on August 27, 2018
board outside the reindeer. sunday 26 august. band showcase 6pm the wash 7pm yellowhammer 8pm blisster

The showcase started at 2pm. I arrive at half six. Too depressed to say home. Too depressed talk to anyone. I can see various faces I recognise from the scene.

Showed up during The Wash’s last song so I’m not going to pass judgement.


This is one of those local projects where I’ve seen most of them in other projects. The guitarist and singer I’d seen two years back doing acoustic stuff in the cactus cafe. The bassist I’d first seen there too.

I like them. There was a lot of fancy guitar and bass work to focus on. The vocals were kinda hypnotic and mostly in Japanese. Didn’t stop one guy in the audience singing along to the chorus.

yellowhammers at the reindeer


They’re not here. Don’t know why. I turn around from the bar and there are pretty student types. It’s Gladboy and friends. This’ll be the fifth time I’ve seen Gladboy, was hoping to see Blisster for a third.


So this was a slightly different arrangement. Gladboy now have a backing vocalist (and bells on stick player) and the guy who used to climb on stage to play synth for one song now is there for all of it (sometimes with tambourine). Not sure what I think about their impact yet. Sounds like the same but more so.

They do the usual thing. Put on a lively show and writhe about. People are tapping along. Still like them.

gladboy on stage at the reindeer

They have to stop at nine. Within fifteen minutes the place empties out. A friend buys me a pack of cheesy cheddars (just didn’t need more cider) and I end up talking to one of those nice glad boys. They are looking at playing more out of town gigs. Good for them. I’m sure I’ll be sick of them after the Oddbox gig in September and the EP launch in October.

Bed by 10pm.