Heavy Metal Ding Dong! @ TOSN

Posted on December 9, 2017

I won’t lie. What first drew me to this event was the title. I’m not into metal, as such, but there is a draw in loudness and ferocity. With the £3 entry going to mind I couldn’t lose.

Maybe it was a loss. The Owl Sanctuary is rather… political. The old Owl housed The Norwich Soup Movement. An organisation who provide hot meals and sandwiches to those in need. Can’t get more direct action than that. Possibly not the place to bring a… conservative friend. No States No Borders” says a sticker behind the bar. While I see a FCK NZI sign and feel comfortable as someone who sees nazis as a potential threat; I forget that other people worry they are going to get punched for voting Tory.

We had arrived late so I only go to see two acts. My companion made friends in the smoking area - as an outsider it looks like magic every time - and then decided Nu-Metal wasn’t for him.

So the music, yeah?

I missed Thy Flesh Consumed and Crawlblind (who just reformed after 14 years). When I entered the room I was met by a wall of sound. The sound of Collapse the Sky. I have no idea what people are saying at most gigs so the guttural screams changed nothing.

The night ended with Thicket of Antlers. Great name. Enjoyable sound. I lack the words to describe genre and the skill to provide comment. All I know is that these bands exist and that most of the audience was having a good time.

By the time Thicket of Antlers came on the floor was coated in beer. This meant the few people who tried to mosh ended up on their butts. I’m experimenting. Nobody reads this anyway.

Worth three quid?

There is a feeling I get sometimes. Maybe a lack of feeling. One of the places I have found it is surrounded by loud bass-heavy music. It was nice to only have to think about moving to a beat.

The gig finishing before midnight meant the shop on Prince of Wales was open. Nothing feels ‘me’ just like ambling round town at night with a big bag of paprika crisps. I really got into paprika brambůrky in the Czech Republic and I will never be cured.

Is this a review or a blog entry?

If a blog posts in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it need to be good?

Nothing means anything and I would call this a review of my night. My experience of it.