Luke Peter Foster, Blip Trip, King Porteous, Tipsy Lizard, BootlegBart @ Norm’s @ Bedford’s Crypt

Posted on June 16, 2018

A gig on a Wednesday night

I’m late again. Should have been here sooner as I like what I hear when descending the stairs. Friday’s crowd was indie art student types. Tonight: hats indoors. And the faint smell of vomit. The Crypt often smells of damp. Hard to ventilate, I guess.

Bootleg Bart

I want more than six minutes but I was an idiot who needed to dry her hair. I love the Simpson (and other) clips over this kind of ambient sound. Chillwave. Very now. Very bandcamp.

I’m buying it to go with the Ellie Beach ep that has clips of Lisa talking. Simpsonwave. Is it a joke? Does it matter? I think the familiarity most people have with the Simpsons brings a soft nostalgia and relaxing moods.


Tipsy Lizard

I’m a bad egg. I thought he was just posing for his friend with the camera while backing music played. Nope. He’s performing. Dubstep, drum & bass, and trap. I can feel the bass through my chair.

Three tracks in he plays something I’d love to dance to. Then a very wubb-y dubstep track. The Lizard himself is getting tipsy with an old mout cider.

In a different venue & crowd it would be… more. A few people were dancing but I need more than 20 people in the room for that energetic a set.

His live set is different to the recordings on his bandcamp so he was doing something.


King Porteous

Paying attention this time. I almost catch the start. Tonight is really showing me how much i like the talking between songs that other musicians do. These dudes hunched over laptops and sample boards miss the intimacy you can have seeing a band in such a small bar.

Low-fi trip-hop kinda thing. A more relaxed set than the last act (and the next). I want to call the sounds cold. My feelings are lukewarm. The whole set is available on his bandcamp.


Blip Trip

This is less my jam. Psych-trance. I like the glitch-y elements and it sounds big.

I’m sceptical but track two has a solid bass beat and people are starting to move. Even Blip Trip. The other performers just swayed. He’s moving a bit, hitting his shoulders on the Norm’s banner. He has his fans. It’s nice to see people dancing tonight,

….and he ended with a Rick and Morty clip. His bandcamp features songs tagged IDM. That’s intelligent dance music to you, peon.



Luke Peter Foster

Some of the crowd disappear but fresh faces arrived during the last set. His presence on the listing confused me until they start. Foster is accompanied by a guitarist and a DJ.

His words are spoken with clear rhythm  over soft distorted beats. Couldn’t really follow what those words were. My error, not his or the mixing.

Nice audience interaction. It suits my goal of hearing something new. I’d like to hear him perform again, when I’m not so tired.


Wednesday night gig?

I have work at 9am. Hmmm. Better than sitting at home. And I’m buying some bootlegbart. Not sure it was worth it for me. I enjoy party music better when I’m at a party.