Post it bitch: forcing myself to make a video a day for a week

Posted on April 26, 2019

The first day was an accident. I took a video as an experiment then tried editing it.

It was fun. So I put it online to send to a friend. The next day I made another. Quite a bit of this is a fluke.

Making art is hard

As is calling something finished. And calling it art. My scrapbook is art. My jacket is art. My blog is art. My videos are art.

I’ve always heard that the best advice on making anything is just start and practice. Who knew all those people would be right.

My work is not amazing but it is my own. I’m proud that I’ve done it. The visual difference between videos 1 and 5 isn’t huge. The speed has greatly improved. I’m not even using audio yet.

The difference between 2016 and 2018 and 2019 scrapbooks is a lot more. But I’ve been doing that off and on for a few years.

The tools available shape the art

I edit on my phone in an app that only lets me work on one project at a time. To start a new one you have to delete the previous drafts.

There is a timeline you edit on. But you can’t zoom in and text overlays move independently of the video clips so you have to edit linearly and roughly.

The limited features limit indecision. Again, a lesson I have heard dozens of times.

Will I keep going beyond a week?

The project I’m documenting will take much more than a week. Having to do something ‘worth’ recording each day has motivated me. I’ve got my next set of photos printed for my scrapbook but haven’t started using them as I’m engaged in this new endeavour.

I’m excited to find out.

Did I?

Fuck no. It took so much time out of my day and recording things was a hassle.