Improving my life with Lunch Break Manga

First posted on February 26, 2019

My resolution this year was to stop reading twitter on my lunch break and get back into Manga.

Why manga?

I used to read it was a teen online and now it’s easy to get and read on my phone. Easy to dip into in a half hour break, unlike a novel.  I want something to relax with.

A comic page can also convey a lot of information on a page quickly. Chapters are short and the app remembers my page.

Here’s what I have been reading:

A list in genres

Are the comics good?

That is not a complete list of my reading. There has been more stuff I tried and didn’t enjoy and one-shots that would take too long to list.

I’ve got a post about the comedy manga I have enjoyed.

Is it an improved lunch?

Yes! No getting angry/upset at the news as I’m having a chill time reading about dating a skull-faced wizard or getting a little wound up with retail work memories - I haven’t worked true retail but have been understaffed and overworked - a skeleton book seller.

Covers for Skull-faced book seller Honda and The Ancient Magus Bride both featuring skull faced men