Sewing Projects

Finishing is a skill. I need to keep practicing it.

Tits too big for blouse buttons? I used to keep adding safety pins. Adding some extra snaps smooths out the fabric and saves me time in the mornings. A few stiches has me feeling nicer about how I look.

A replacement binoculars pouch. I picked up these binoculars in a charity shop for £4. I have a nice big pair but these seem like a handy thing to throw on my belt on a walk. Except the pouch is ugly and crinkly.
I’ve had this beautiful koi fabric for over a year waiting for a ‘good project’ but there is no point it sitting in a box. Combined with a grey denim for structure and a bit of water resistance I made this new pouch in an evening.

A tablet pouch seems handy as I don’t want to get it scratched. Now I have started using the koi fabric: the spell is broken. I start looking for something to make that will show off the fabric in full. Looking for a complementary lining I found a white and gold dragon cotton and combined it with a thin layer of batting to make a padded pouch for a tablet I don’t take out much.
I included a thematically complementary clasp and a magnetic clasp for ease of use.