NUA Zine Society – LOVE exhibition

First posted on February 15, 2018

Norwich University of the Arts always seems to have something going on. This Valentine’s the Zine Society had an exhibit and sale at Studio 20.

What was there?

The tiny space was decorated with sequins, paper hearts, and sweets. As with any good opening they had free drinks (and cake for earlier people). It’s a small building but the maybe 15 different publications didn’t take up too much space.  On the walls, prints from the pages were displayed.

Prints were £5 and zines £2. The zines were all on the theme of “love” and didn’t strike me as having much re-readability. But I fell in love with the work of @nafarului. I guess their zine was sold out by the time I arrived but I bought the crossed fingers print pictured below.

What did we learn?

As for how this will influence my personal outlook or art (crafting is art so my scrapbook counts)? I don’t think I grew as a person looking at this art but I got the instagram of the artist I liked and was reminded that NUA exeists. The layouts used will likely influence my scrapbooking. There was a simplicity to many of the pages. Just photos with text overlays because what else is needed to convy poetry or to suggest muscicians - the subjects of two zines?

Review it?

Art: Yes, worth my time

Drinks: They had pink lemonade!

People: Looked like art students, but even more so than the crowds about the university


Zine society Facebook and Issuu (place to read their works)

More prints on the wall and more paper hearts. on the far wall are pink postcards with cute slogans like I pug U with drawings of pug dogs. Closer are a4 prints featuring bold black lines and a vexed goofy the dog.

Author's note: Two years later I started making zines and I do think music recs is a good use of the zine format.