Nook Launch @ Gringos

First posted on October 10, 2018
nook poster by kirsty o rourke

I’m way too tired for two hours of poetry elsewhere. But then I’m scrolling facebook and see this mentioned.

£3 entry

For some reason I expected stalls when I saw the word pop up and the pictures of tables on the internet. It’s a beautifully decorated social with beautifully decorated artsy people.

£2.40 for a half of lemonade and I feel like I’ve complained about that before. Do I have the energy to approach people? Doubtful. Smile at a musician who might remember drunken conversations. He says hi and almost remembers my name.

There’s a DJ playing music ranging from t.A.T.u.’s other hit to soundcloud rap. Mostly danceable soundcloud rap.

May as well sit and write. Feel like I’m getting my £3s worth. Look at the arts school girls for outfit ideas.

I leave after an hour

People were socialising. Meeting new people. I was happy to get a bit of writing done. Helps to leave the house.

Should be a cool place to hang after Wednesday Art.

photo of a deceptivly empty bar. Fairy lights on the walls and blankets and pillows on the floor. a dj decks in the backround

Happy mental awareness health day!