Interview with the artist behind “The navy seal copypasta as bead necklace”

First posted 27.08.2019

There is something about being Extremely Online that makes you react viscerally to a really good meme. I saw this photo on Twitter. My body tensed. It was that good.

This is fantastic to me. For those not killing their brains with shitposting: the Navy Seal Copy Pasta is a hyperbolic threat that is copy and pasted as a stock joke. It shows up in comment sections from time to time in response to minor slights.

I contacted the artist, Cassidy, through Twitter and she kindly let me ask a few questions. My words are in blue and Cassidy's in black.


When did you get the idea?

I don’t remember exactly when the idea came to me, but absurd ideas possess me pretty regularly, like eating a dozen eggs or a whole loaf of bread in one sitting, and they tend to bug me until I do it.

How many beads are there?

I had 2 500-packs of letter beads to start, but it became obvious that was nowhere near enough. Alphabet bead assortments are randomized, whereas in text some letters are used much more often than others. I ended up buying 5 more 500-packs for a total of 3500, and still eventually had to buy 100 each of Es and Os to complete the project.

There are about 1474 beads in total, counting those used as spaces.

Wow. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost in materials?

Each 500-pack was $10, the 100-packs of single letters were $5 each. There are about 1474 beads in total, counting those used as spaces.

What other art have you made?

Beads are about the only medium I work in, but I’ve made quite a few bracelets, some necklaces, and bead animals.

These are all the ones I have made and still have.

Ratthew, my first bead animal.

And the ones friends have given me.

What other online artists do you think are cool?

4LUNG (@FOURLUNG) is one of my favorite musicians, and I made a necklace of the chorus of their track ‘PUPPY LASAGNA’ as well.

My favorite visual artist is probably my good friend Souli (@SoulKillurArt). They’ve worked on some games and stuff, and I love their style!

Thanks for talking to me, Cassidy.

Cassidy’s Twitter is @sakomeow (adults only) and she suggests you check out forgottenweapons.com.