Right Wing Opinions About Modern Art BINGO

First posted on July 22, 2019

I like Art

I like Art. I like reading about it and seeing it on occasion. I also love watching angry right wing dudes explain why modern art is bad. And it is always dudes. If you have a link to a woman explaining why art is bad then please send it my way.

Not that they really define what Modern Art is.

Which is a hassle to do. It usually ends up as art made after 1900 or 1940. Minimalism, Dada, Abstract Expressionist, and performance art are common targets with the concept of Objective Standards in Art gets thrown around without ever defining them.

The standards are never defined but apparently everything continually improving until the Impressionists came along. Image: Prager U – Why is Modern Art so bad?

I have watched enough of these videos.

Now I get to watch them again but with my bingo cards. And you can to! Full set of 10 cards and transcript linked here.