Legally Blonde the Musical @ Theatre Royal

Posted on April 1, 2018

I wouldn’t have picked it but a co-worker organised 20 of us to go so here I am.

Not that I wasn’t excited to see it again. Yes, again. It’s toured before ans I’ve been with my mum.

What is it?

It’s an adaptation of the film of the same name. The cast is reduced and plot moved into song. It won some awards and most of seats were filled.

How was it?

It’s not high art but it want trying to be. Pink and peppy and positive and a few lines made me go :/ but overall fun fluff for fans of fun.

Gay or European gets the biggest laughs from both the gay Europeans in the audience and the str8s.

Songs and dances are solid. Highlight being whipped into shape with features synchronised skipping with light up ropes for when the stage went dark.

Watching the scene with sexual harassment in the workplace felt different this time. After it happened to me. In the epilogue narration we hear his marriage dissolves but not about his job. I’m not expecting or wanting a whole second trail but it leaves me bit disappointed. It’s sadly realistic that he has few reprocussions for his actions.


There were a few uses of words like slut and skank that took away from the overall positive sisterhood message and the murder victims daughter didn’t appear until the trial, probably for time restrictions.

The lesbian activist didn’t have a character beyond those words and the… Indian? student was just there for a joke that didn’t get a laugh. Had he been middle eastern then a line about coming to America after a coup might have worked better?


It was always going to be good. A charming musical with good vibes and catchy songs. Fine at being what it is but not life changing.


Photo taken from the second from back row of the theatre royal. The stage is covered by a curtain and lit up pink.